First Steps

Before the preparation phase for an event begins, it must be defined precisely and approved by various bodies.

Here we go. What is the best way to begin?

The "First Steps" Checklist (PDF, 186 KB) has four sections:

  • Idea development & approval
  • Event Management consultation
  • Application for conference location
  • Detailed concept

Further Informations can be found in the following sections.

Idea development and approval

Idea development includes the definition of the event, including the key information and an initial application for the date and possible location for the event.


Event Management consultation

A consultation with Event Management should be arranged to ensure that the event’s preparations, implementation, and follow-up are seamless. They can provide input on a wide variety of topics as well as an overview of the possible support services.

Request consultation

Application for conference location

An application must be submitted for some conferences. To this end, an “Application folder for a conference location in Zurich” must be drawn up and any tours of sites that are necessary must be arranged.

Application for a conference location

Detailed concept

Once the approval to implement the event has been granted, the basic framework should be defined in a detailed concept. The various tasks are then carried out during the implementation phase. The following points should be defined in the detailed concept:




Special aspects

Language, age category, culture, etc.


Voluntary/mandatory, various categories, discounts for certain participants, VIP registration, etc.

Supporting program/schedule

Welcome speech

By a certain person, at a certain location (e.g. early request to the President to give the welcome speech)

Main program

Specialist topic, special topic, speakers/experts, inclusion of junior researchers, inclusion of sponsors

Ancillary program

Cultural program, e.g. focus on Swiss tradition


By a certain person, at a certain location

Special aspects

Special program points


Event rooms and external premises


Number of rooms, size, type, set-up (seminar room, lecture hall, foyer, etc.), chairs, accessibility (including for wheelchair users), equipment/facilities (technical, sanitary, etc.), service (toilets, disabled toilets, diaper changing room), safety (fire prevention, emergency exits/corridor for emergency vehicle access, evacuation chair)

Extra rooms at UZH


Storage, conference office, back office, technology pool, exhibition gallery, cloakroom, etc.

Implementation and personnel planning

Internal resources

Employees, students

External resources

External service providers


Organizational chart, clear assignment of duties


Use of funds

Budget rules, usage guidelines for third-party funds, sponsorship agreements, tied donations

Cost planning

Personnel, experts, rooms/technology, documents, outreach, catering, support program, cultural program, transfers, taxes/duties, other

Revenue planning

Participants, donations, sponsorships, public subsidies, third-party funds, other

Consideration packages

Financing of items, free participation, company presentation, naming



What is required? à Public tender, flyers, web page, app, social media, press releases

Communication with participants

How? à By e-mail, by letter, via the web page/internet


Number and type of meals to be provided

Breakfast, snack, lunch, coffee, dinner, drinks (with snacks), dessert, welcome drink

Catering options

Gala dinner, passed food, buffet, finger foods/snacks, live cooking, food truck

Special aspects


Materials and documents

Conference materials/documents

Documents from experts/on the topic

Informational material/documents

Directions, Wi-Fi info, etc.

Promotional materials/documents

UZH items, promotional items from external organizers

Organizational materials/documents

Personnel planning, helper shirts, etc.


Give-aways for participants, donation opportunity


Participant transport

Train, bus, tram, etc.

Delivery and pickup of goods

Delivery schedule, parking spaces


Block of hotel rooms

Key speakers, participants, helpers

Rights and obligations

Legal basis

Copyright/property rights, data protection/personality rights, insurance, liability, GTCs