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Information & consulting

Information and consulting

The event management (EMA) is a consulting and support office for all event organizers at UZH.

We are happy to advise you in the planning, implementation and follow-up of your events (2-4h per event). For optimal preparation, you will find detailed checklists and tools on our website. If further support is required, you can fall back on an internal event staff pool or on selected external agencies.

We help with questions like:

  • Which UZH departments do I need to involve in the organization of my event?
  • Which rooms are suitable and available?
  • When and how do I communicate my event?
  • How do I set up an event budget?
  • What deadlines do I have to keep in mind?
  • How do I create a safety concept?
  • What options are there for catering?
  • Where do I order the flowers?
  • Which photographer is suitable for my event?
  • How can my guests sign up for the event?

What kind of support is offered?

The central event management (EMA) is a consulting and support unit for all event organizers at UZH. First and foremost, we offer basic consulting for the planning, implementation and follow-up of events (2-4h per event). We offer extensive checklists and tools as well as an event portal. 

Events can be defined as activities outside of regular teaching,

…that intend at least one of the following goals: 

…and/or correspond to one of the following formats:

  • Progress & reputation in the research landscape
  • National & international visibility
  • Information/integration of students
  • Certain size (50 or more people)
  • Public impact and high reputational power
  • High value for UZH employees


  • Scientific congresses, lectures, panel discussions, research colloquia
  • Academic events
  • International events
  • Dean events
  • Student events
  • Workshops, town halls, major events
  • Events with external organizations
  • Internal events/celebrations


Why should I plan my event together with EMA?

By establishing standard processes for event initiatives, you save yourself the effort of contacting various interfaces within UZH individually. This way, hurdles and challenges can be bypassed, leading to significant savings in both financial and human resources. Sustainability, gender equality, and internationalization automatically become core components of your event.

How should I proceed if I want consultation from EMA?

You can contact us via e-mail:

Where do I start when planning an event?

The first steps are essential for the later stages of the entire planning of the event. Here you will find information for the most crucial first steps: First Steps.

How do I find the right contacts at UZH?

Various departments and persons must/can be involved in the event organization at UZH. Due to the constant revision and improvement of processes in the event area, it is not convenient to list specific departments/persons or responsibilities. We therefore ask you to contact us directly if you are unsure who to inform or involve.

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