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Any questions and answers regarding the event organisation can be found here FAQ

What are academic events?

Academic events mark relevant stages in the individual academic careers or festive days in the calendar of the university. The festive events are target for graduates, professors who are starting or ending their careers at UZH, as well as employees, friends and supporters of the University of Zurich - such as the Dies academicus.

What is the Dies academicus?

The Dies academicus is the birthday of the UZH: Every year at the end of April, the University of Zurich remembers its founding on April 29, 1833. During the festive day, the rector's report is traditionally presented, personalities are honored with honorary doctorates, and prizes are awarded for outstanding scientific achievements. The Dies academicus is also a special occasion for the university to meet supporters and friends and marks a special day in the university calendar.

For more information on the Dies academicus and on previous honors and awards, please visit the Website.

What are inaugural lectures ?

Inaugural lectures are given by newly appointed professors (or private lecturers). They usually take place in the first year after their start at the University of Zurich. The inaugural lectures offer an exciting insight into the diversity of the UZH and are offered as public events during the lecture period on Mondays or Saturdays. Information on current inaugural lectures can be foundhere.

Information for newly appointed professors is communicated via the   Website or via E-Mail.

What are graduation ceremonies ?

Graduation ceremonies are offered for graduates after they completed their studies. The ceremonies are usually organized for the entire faculty, but may differ depending on the type of degree. The organization (including arranging the dates and communicating with graduates) is the responsibility of the respective faculty.

Are there any more events?

 Special honors or award ceremonies are also organized as festive occasions. Special appreciation is also given to professors who end their career at UZH (farewell lecture).

Are there any support services for the academic events?

Advice about the organisation, technical infrastructure and helpful tools are offered by the event management team.