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President's Services

Museums and Exhibitions

The exhibition management works closely with curators, researchers and scientists. Together, new exhibitions are planned and realized in various museums of the University of Zurich.

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Three-dimensional archive of our body

The evolution of man from Australopithecus to modern humans

Archaeological Collection

More about Archaeological Collection

The fascinating world of ancient cultures

A scientifically supervised representation of the global plant world

Botanical curiosities from worldwide research expeditions

Plastic, lifelike replicas of pathologically altered body parts

World's most important collections of marine dinosaurs and fishes

Current projects of researchers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Veterinary Anatomy Collection

More about Veterinary Anatomy Collection

More than 700 specimens of veterinary anatomy and equine clinic

Museum of Veterinary History

More about Museum of Veterinary History

The transformation of veterinary medicine

Knowledge and skills of non-European cultures

More than 1500 animal species from Switzerland and all continents

3.5 million voucher specimens of vascular plants, mosses, algae and fungi

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