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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about the exhibition service.

What does the exhibition service?

We are specialized in the scenic communication and implementation of scientific content to a specific audience.

What does the exhibition service offer exactly?

The design, production and realization of an exhibition. Less involved in the content basis/research on the topic of the exhibition. In the best case, the research work is completed at the start of the exhibition planning.

For more information on the specific process, see the Planning process.

How early should you request for an exhibition?

3 months in advanced

What should be prepared for a request ?

Content concept: idea, teaching goal, message.
Scope: objects, texts, images
Location of the exhibition

Is there support for other projects?

Other UZH organizational units can also approach the Exhibition Management with ideas and suggestions. According to capacity possibilities, the Exhibition Management can also support here.

For example, projects on:

Visual concepts
Display design
Showcase construction
Advice on placement and implementation