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Music rooms



Who can use a music room?

Music rooms can be used by students, phd students and employees of UZH.

How long does my access profile for the music rooms at RAI last?

The access profile lasts until the UZH card loses its validity. This means it remains valid until exmatriculation or until the end of employment.

Can I reserve a music room?

Reservations are only possible at Irchel. Please contact the Service Center (Counter: Y31 D 70 or by phone +41 44 635 41 41). The music rooms at RAI cannot be reserved. There are clocks attached to the doors, which show the end of use. The "first come, first serve" principle applies. 

Can I use the music rooms to teach?

No, the music rooms may not be used for teaching. They are only intended for private use. 

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