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For who is this offer?

The offer is addressed as a temporary solution to (order by priority):

Visiting lecturers
Professors from abroad who are going to teach at the UZH
Research assistants

How long is the rental period?

Usually the rental period is three to six months but the minimum lenght is one month.

Can the lease also start in the middle of the month?

No, the start of the rent is always at the beginning of the month and ends at the end of the month.

When can I expect an offer?

The disposition of the apartments can start about three months before the arrival of the guest.

Who pays for the rent?

Rent, deposit and final cleaning are usually paid by the tenant. Of course, the host institute can also pay for the costs.

Who is responsible for any damages that may occur?

Tenants are responsible for any damages. The insurance is the tenant's responsibility.

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