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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as general questions about the organization and execution of events at UZH.



What kind of support do we offer?

The event management (EMA) is a consulting and support office for all event organizers at UZH. First and foremost, we offer basic consulting for the planning, implementation and follow-up of events (2-4h per event). We offer extensive checklists and tools as well as an event portal. The event portal offers UZH members an event guide with automated interfaces to various departments. This way, events can be planned step by step with support. If further support in planning, implementation and follow-up is required, you can rely on an internal helping pool or external agencies.

Events are defined as events outside of the teaching department...

…that intend at least one of the following goals

...and/or comply with one of the following formats

Progress & reputation in the research landscape
National & international visibility

Information/Integration of students (size 50 persons or more)

Publicity and reputation

High priority for UZH staff



Scientific congresses, lectures, panel discussions, research colloquia
Academic events
International events
Presidential events
Student events
Workshops, town halls, major events
Events with external organizations
Internal events/celebrations



What do I save by planning my event together with EMA?

Thanks to the 1.5-year development of standard processes for event projects, you will not have to make individual efforts to contact various interfaces within UZH. Stumbling blocks and sticking points can thus be avoided and, above all, financial as well as human resources can be saved. Sustainability, equality and internationalization automatically become core elements of your event.

What can I do with the event portal?

The event portal is a support tool for event organizers at UZH. The tool shows the different phases and tasks of event organization. Guest management can be fully handled via the event portal. Other interfaces such as financial accounting, room planning, technology, furniture, congress materials, communication materials, catering, social program, etc. are also considered in the event portal. The event portal increases productivity and offers user-friendly interfaces for any type of event.


Are there any fees for the event portal?

The use of tools, basic advice, checklists and the event portal is free of charge for UZH members.

How should I proceed if I want advice from EMA?

You can contact us by mail:
More information are available on our website: