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Fire Protection

Fire protection video

Get all the important information by watching our fire safety video (in german).

All events at the University of Zurich must comply with the applicable fire regulations. This means that advertising materials must have the following certificates: Certificate according to VKF (Swiss standard) min. RF2 not critical (cr) or SN EN 13501. 

It is mandatory to insist on the required certificates for all materials. Materials must be reported in advance to Cem Yildiz, UZH Fire Safety Officer, including details of certificates.

The University of Zurich has provided information to certain producers of advertising and communication materials, thus they are recommended by us.

Fact Sheets Fire Protection


Here you will find all the important FAQ on the subject of fire protection. Terms and Definitions:

  • Event: By an event we mean the following (list not exhaustive): Exhibition, aperitif, dinner with banquet seating, disco, pop concerts, trade fairs with exhibition rooms, trade exhibitions, / trade congresses, etc.
  • Stand infrastructure: stand structures, tables, chairs, blankets, carpets, tablecloths, roll-ups, flags, banners, etc.
  • Decorations: Decorating, artistic decoration of a room or building in the totality of decorative items placed in a room or on an object, such as balloons, streamers, decor, plants (artificial), etc. Decorations made of solid wood (e.g. boards sawn on all sides, board thickness ≥ 10 mm) are also permitted where RF2 material is required.
  • Displays and exhibits: exhibits, flyers and giveaways in a limited display and number.

Where and in which areas do fire safety regulations apply at UZH with regard to events?

Every building and every room at UZH is affected by fire protection laws. Anyone wishing to hold an event at UZH in a bookable room or area must assume that, as an event organizer, they are within the scope of the applicable fire protection laws. Our atriums in the KOL (Lichthof and Foyer West) and at Irchel are particularly affected by this.

I would like to use a room, e.g. an auditorium with free seating, for an event such as an exhibition, a party, an aperitif or other (non-original use) event. What must be observed?

The person limit applicable to the room must not be exceeded under any circumstances. This is based on usage as well as the number and width of emergency exits. Depending on the type of event, this can also be further limited after the room has been booked. 

A room that is used as an exhibition, party, aperitif area, as mentioned in the question as an example, is considered a room with public traffic here only decorative elements may consist of material of the fire behavior class RF2 (flame retardant).

I would like to book an area e.g. Lichthof KOL, Irchel, Foyer West for an event (see terms and definitions). What do I need to consider here?

These are special areas in which, with regard to the specifications, special requirements must be met due to their structural extent and nature. 

These include that the stand infrastructure (see terms and definitions) must consist of at least flame-retardant material. Displays (see terms and definitions) may only be laid out in a small and manageable quantity. Storage for spare materials may not be in the same room as the events, but must be kept in a separate room. Each of these events must be inspected and approved by the Fire Safety and Emergency Management (SU) Specialist. Unannounced inspections by the Specialist Office during the event are possible.

How do I prove that my stand infrastructure (see Terms and Definitions) is flame retardant?

Everything that can be made from a building material or component consists of materials that have either already been tested and approved in terms of their fire behavior (see recognized building materials) or have been tested by a recognized testing body in terms of their fire behavior either by the Swiss VKF (Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers) or a testing institute based in the EU.

This means that all building materials classified in the list of recognized building materials in RF 1 or RF 2 may be used without a certificate, and everything else requires a certificate issued in accordance with VKF or certification SN EN 13501:-.

Are certificates according to DIN 4102 B1 or similar foreign certificates such as M1 from France also approved?

No. Fire behavior tests performed on building materials or components deviating from the test procedures according to VKF or the European harmonized SN EN 13501:- must not be accepted in Switzerland.

Does only one component or building material have to meet the requirements or the entire object?

In general, the entire material used in a building must meet the requirements. It is often the case with stand constructions that core elements are made of wood or other building materials. These must be completely encapsulated with non-combustible or flame-retardant material of sufficient thickness. The Fire Protection and Emergency Management Department will be pleased to provide you with information.

I have electronic devices such as a laptop, Ipad, screen. May I bring them?

Mobile devices in a small number can be brought along. Electronic equipment built into the stand infrastructure must meet one of the following requirements according to Fire Safety Guideline 14-15 5.3 1: 

a SN EN 62368-1:2014 Equipment for audio / video, information and communication technology - Part 1: Safety requirements; 
b SN EN 60950-1+A11+A1+A12+A2-AC:2011 Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: General requirements; 
c SN EN 60065+A1+A11+A2+A12:2011 Audio, video and similar electronic equipment - Safety requirements.

Where can I find more detailed information on fire protection?

On the website you will find all current leaflets on the subject of fire protection at events. 

For you as an event organizer, the following leaflets and guidelines are particularly relevant: 

  • Materialization catalog with sources of supply for certified material.
  • MB guideline materialization list for events and exhibitors
  • Materialization guideline for organizers and exhibitors 
  • Guidelines Events at UZH 

If you have any questions, you can contact the person responsible for organizational fire protection, Cem Yildiz, directly.


Provider Moving Poster  

When ordering, it is important that you do not order the normal Roll-Up's from the webshop, but write an e-mail to and mention that you would like to have a Roll-Up with flame-retardant special foil and that you are from the University of Zurich. The owner Philipp Gloor is informed about our situation and will produce these, only about 20 francs more expensive Roll-Up's. (2 m high, 1 m wide, CHF 139.-)


ProviderAlpen Fahnen 

Again, make personal contact with the company. They already know how to handle products for the University of Zurich. For all materials it is mandatory to insist on the required certificates and then send them to Cem Yildiz (fire safety officer of the UZH).  (Certificates must be sent to Cem BEFORE the event).

Certificate according to VKF (Swiss standard) at least RF2 not critical (cr) or SN EN 13501.

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