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Flag Displays

At the entrance to Rämistrasse 71, at Rämistrasse 59 and at Irchel flags may be displayed by university organizations.

Application flag display (PDF, 543 KB)

Number of flags
Zentrum Rämistrasse 71:   max. 6 flags
Zentrum Rämistrasse 59:   max. 1 flag
Irchel:                                  max. 1 flag

Duration of display
no earlier than 2 business days before an event and maximum until the end of the event

Organizers can order flags directly from the company Fahnen24 GmbH in Rorschach with reference to UZH.

Required format
120 x 500 cm (W x H)

Cost per piece
ca. CHF 80.- to 250.- (depending on the style)

Order and delivery:
The company can deliver the flags directly to the operational services of UZH who will arrange the display for the duration of the event.


Flags producers

high quality flags (also possible with RF2 certification for indoor)

Freiämterstrasse 5
5610 Wohlen AG

phone 056 619 94 94
Fax 056 619 94 99


rather simpler and less expensive designs of flags

Wendelin Manser
Flags24 GmbH
St. Gallerstr. 2
CH-9403 Goldach

Phone: +41 71 841 66 66

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Rämistrasse 71
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KOL E 14


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