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On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about room reservations at UZH.


Room Reservations

Who is allowed to reserve rooms at UZH?

According to the rules about the use of rooms and premises, only events which have a direct connection to the University of Zurich or which are held by an organisational entity of the University may take place on its premises.

Are there fees for the use of rooms at UZH?

Rooms and associated services are free to use for research and teaching at the University of Zurich. 

The use by organsiations within the university for purposes other than teaching and research is also free, provided it is not commercial. Extraordinary services (e.g. additional personnel, cleaning, technical support) may be invoiced independently of room fees.

The commercial or profit oriented use is liable to fees. 

Who is responsible for the equipment in the rooms?

Event Services can advise you on this:, 044/634 22 22.

Will I be charged for technical support?

The basic services are free. Further, extraordinary assistance may incur charges. This applies whether the assistance is agreed upon in advance or requested during the event. If you have further questions please contact:, 044/634 22 22.

Unfortunately I was unable to log into the booking tool. What can I do?

You may try to reset the password. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the Room Allocation Services directly,, 044 634 22 14.

When will the course rooms be displayed in the Course Catalogue?

Three weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Where can I order information signs?

Please contact Event Services:, 044/634 22 22.

Is eating and drinking permitted in the course rooms?

In general, eating and drinking is not permitted in the rooms. There are, however, special rooms where it is allowed. The Room Allocation Services are happy to advise you:, 044 634 22 14.



Outdoor Spaces UZH

Can I rent Irchelpark for events?

No, Irchelpark as part of the university grounds is owned by the Canton of Zurich. It is a green space and recreational area, especially for the resident population. The park is not available for rent, neither for public events nor private celebrations. 

Can I rent Rechbergpark?

The right to issue permissions for the use of Rechbergpark lies with the canton. Please contact the Cantonal Office for Real Estate, Mr Markus Bläuenstein (Tel. +41 44 257 92 78).

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