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Fire Prevention

All events at the University of Zurich must comply with the applicable fire regulations. This means that advertising materials must have the following certificates: Certificate according to VKF (Swiss standard) min. RF2 not critical (cr) or SN EN 13501. 

It is mandatory to insist on the required certificates for all materials. The materials must be reported in advance to Cem Yildiz, UZH Fire Prevention Officer, including details of the certificates. 

The University of Zurich has informed individual producers of advertising and communication materials accordingly, which can be recommended by us.

Leaflets Fire Prevention


Provider Moving Poster  

When ordering, it is important that you do not order the normal Roll-Up's from the webshop, but write an e-mail to and mention that you would like to have a Roll-Up with flame retardant special foil and that you are from the University of Zurich. The owner Philipp Gloor is informed about our situation and will produce these, only about 20 francs more expensive Roll-Up's. (2 m high, 1 m wide, CHF 139.-)


Provider Alps Flags 

Again, make personal contact with the company. They already know how to handle products for the University of Zurich. For all materials it is mandatory to insist on the required certificates and then send them to Cem Yildiz ,fire safety officer of UZH. (Certificates must be sent to Cem BEFORE the event).

Certificate according to VKF (Swiss standard) at least RF2 not critical (cr) or SN EN 13501.

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