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Sponsoring is an important part of the event management. No event can go without good sponsors. How to approach this task properly and which sponsors are available for UZH can be read here.


It is important to create a concept for the potential sponsor.
Follow these guidelines:

  • Precisely define goal/budget
  • Determine target group
  • Determine integration of sponsors (banner, website, logo on merch ect.)
  • Sponsor structure (small, medium, large sponsor)
  • Define benefits for the sponsor


When a concept has been worked out and suitable sponsor partners have been found, the next steps follow:

  • Clear concept (detailed information on event, budget, etc.)
  • Clear statements about services & consideration
  • Comply with UZH guidelines

Rewards for the sponsor

Often the event organizer asks himself, what kind of consideration can be offered to the sponsor. Following ideas are to be considered: 

Sponsor's logo on:

  • Articles of clothing / accessory
  • Banner
  • Program / leaflet / place cards
  • Dowry (keychain, lighter, pens ect.)
  • Website
  • Press releases

Stand for sponsor is offered to:

  • Sell / showcase products / services
  • To network

Joint discount promotions:

  • Vouchers for UZH employees
  • Mensa / Castle Tower voucher for sponsor

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