Address File

You can request a file if the use of the data is directly related to the maintenance of the operation of teaching, research and central services (see REIM, §9, item 2). No data can be supplied for other purposes, but mail dispatch carried out by the Rectorate Service is still possible.


Application form (German)

To consider

  • Shipping object: attach to the application as an attachment or web link.
    (important for content verification on our part)
  • Address file for one-time use only! (Postal and/or mail addresses, see data protection agreement)
  • Processing time: without consultation 5 days
    usually one reference per semester


No fees

  • Dispatch of information essential to students
  • Dispatch of essential information by student organizations 
  • Announcement of non-commercial events
  • Not an exhaustive list

Basic fee of CHF 50.- plus CHF 0.05/address plus tax

  • Dispatch by recognized student organizations
  • Surveys
  • Call for test persons
  • Not an exhaustive list

Basic fee CHF 200.- plus CHF 0.05/address plus tax

  • Dispatch by external applicants, university context required
  • Courses with fees
  • Not an exhaustive list