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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions about permits at the University of Zurich. 



What processing time should I expect?

Processing a permit application may take up to 5 business days. If processing your application requires more time than that, you will be informed. 

Can I take photos or film at UZH?

Film and photography at UZH require a permit. Accordingly, you should always submit a permit application. It is important that a connection to the University of Zurich is apparent from your application. Commercial film or photo shootings will not be approved. 


Can I set up a foodtruck on UZH grounds?

As the university grounds are public and owned by the canton, permits have to be obtained from the city authorities. The maximum number of permits is very limited and used up entirely by our own cafeteria. UZH has a "one caterer policy", which means that all catering at the university is provided by a single supplier. 

Am I allowed to hold a political campaign event at the University of Zurich?

In the spirit of equality, political campaigning, e.g. regarding a referendum or a vote, cannot be approved. 


My application for film and photography was approved. Am I allowed to film or photograph outside the opening hours?

The time and duration of the film or photo shoot has to be specified on the application, otherwise it cannot be approved. If the film or photo shoot has been approved, it has to be done during the time specified, otherwise a new, adapted application has to be submitted.



Advertising at UZH

Can I share an ad through the screens in the UZH buildings?

The advertising displays are run by the communication department:

Advertising displays IBIS

Can I place an ad on the OLAT front page

The option of showing an ad on OLAT is very limited. It is only available to events that are of interest to the whole university. In exceptional cases, individual organisations and clubs may display a banner. An example are VSUZH elections or the blood donation event.



Mass emails

For whom and for what are email dispatches available?

The service is available to distribute information about studies, events or the search for survey participants. There is no limitation on who may place a request, any member of the university can apply to dispatch an email.

Am I allowed to send an email to all students or all employees of the university?

To ensure a high return rate, the number of recipients should be as high as necessary and as low as possible, to ensure a targeted effect.

The students decide themselves what emails they would like to receive and can choose between three categories each semester: 

  • Information concerning their studies, subject specific information, free trainings, humanitarian events, VSUZH elections 
  • plus general training opportunities, including those that incur a cost, events organised by or approved by UZH, requests for survey respondents and and test persons related to teaching and research, student organisations, alumni, etc. 
  • plus introductions by companies, job offers, special events (no commercial background)