Organization Inaugural Lectures

From Planning to Holding the Inaugural Lecture

Newly appointed professors and privatdozents usually get an opportunity to plan an inaugural lecture within a year of their appointment. They are presented with possible dates for their lecture.

The following flow chart shows the key stages in the planning process for inaugural lectures.

Planungsprozess ATV
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Planning information

  • Scheduling: Dates for inaugural lectures in the Fall Semester are scheduled in March/April and dates for inaugural lectures in the Spring Semester are scheduled in August/September. 
  • Deciding on the title: You should think about a potential title for your inaugural lecture as soon as possible after the date has been chosen, as we will ask you to record it in a form at the start of May/October.
  • Podcast: On request, inaugural lectures can be recorded as a podcast and published online: Audience members who do not wish to appear in the recording are asked to please take a seat at the side of the main lecture hall.

Lecture Procedure

The following PDF shows information about the chronological and geographical process for inaugural lectures. Process of Inaugural Lectures

Please send any general questions about inaugural lectures to:


Preparing/Organizing Your Inaugural Lecture

Inviting guests

Inaugural lectures are a great opportunity for colleagues, friends and family to meet. To help you with the process of inviting your guests, we have created a PDF template that you can use for your personal invitation cards. You can fill it in with your details and send invitation cards online or print them out in the required size.

PDF template for invitation cards (German) (PDF, 748 KB)

PDF template for invitation cards (English) (PDF, 736 KB)

Trial runs

Inaugural lectures are held in UZH’s main lecture hall (KOL G201). If you want to, you are welcome to organize a trial run of your inaugural lecture beforehand.

aula technik

Please contact the Room Allocation Services team as early as possible (ideally before the start of the semester) to arrange a date for this.

Drinks receptions

Many speakers hold a drinks reception (or “apéro”) for invited guests after their lecture. If you would also like to do this, please organize your drinks reception at least three weeks before the inaugural lecture. catering Nuru Joos (ZFV) can provide you with more information about organizing drinks receptions.