Planning and Organization

From Planning to Holding the Inaugural Lecture

Newly appointed professors and privatdozents usually get an opportunity to plan an inaugural lecture within a year of their appointment. 

The following flow chart shows the key stages in the planning process for inaugural lectures. Inaugural lectures are planned and executed by a team made up of members of the President's Services, Eventmanagement and the Room Allocation Services in cooperation with other organisational units of the university.

Planungsprozess ATV
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Planning information

  • Scheduling: Dates for inaugural lectures in the Fall Semester are scheduled in March/April and dates for inaugural lectures in the Spring Semester are scheduled in August/September. 
  • Deciding on the title: You should think about a potential title for your inaugural lecture as soon as possible after the date has been chosen, as we will ask you to record it in a form at the start of May/October.
  • Data Usage: Inaugural lectures are public events. Therefore, please do not use any sensitive data.