Here you can find frequently asked questions about inaugural lectures. 

What is an inaugural lecture?

Inaugural lectures are public lectures at UZH. An inaugural lecture traditionally marks and celebrates the appointment of a professor or privatdozent at UZH. 


Can I visit an inaugural lecture?

Inaugural lectures are public and directed at a wide audience. We are happy to welcome you at an inaugural lecture at UZH soon! You can find the current program here

What can I expect from an inaugural lecture?

Inaugural lectures offer a fascinating insight into the thematic diversity of UZH. Celebrating an inaugural lecture with family and colleagues represents a milestone in an academic career, which is why an apéro is usually offered after the lecture. 

Where and when do inaugural lectures take place?

Inaugural lectures are always held in the Aula of the UZH main building (KOL-G-201). The apéro takes place either in the Lichthof Nord, Lichthof Süd or in front of the Aula (one separate area per lecture). They are scheduled during the lecture period of the semester and happen either on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings. 

In addition, inaugural lectures will be broadcasted live via Vimeo during the actual date of the inaugural lecture.

The recordings of the inaugural lectures will also be published in a Vimeo collection afterwards. (Publication within three working days.)


Current dates and times of inaugural lectures can be found in the UZH Agenda.

How can I get a date for my inaugural lecture?

All candidates for an inaugural lecture are contacted by us in order of the semester of their appointment. They are given a selection of dates, from which they can choose a suitable one. Candidates are contacted at the beginning of the previous semester. However, due to the pandemic we are currently dealing with delays in this process. Please note - possible delays will not interfere with your habilitation process. 

How do I prepare for my inaugural lecture?

As candidate for an inaugural lecture, after choosing a date, you should do the following things:

  • Choose an interesting title for your lecture
  • Prepare your guest list
  • Organize your apéro
  • Do a trial run

You can find more information on planning and preparing your lecture at Planningand Course of Events.

Do I need to hold an inaugural lecture?

Inaugural lectures are part of the habilitation process and therefore usually mandatory.

The habilitation regulations of the relevant faculty state whether new members of the teaching staff are required to hold an inaugural lecture. For more information, please get in touch with your dean’s office.


I have a question about the habilitation process.

Please contact your faculty with any questions you may have about the habilitation process. 

Is there a live stream or recording?

Yes, there is a live stream, the link can be found in the Agenda.

Please note: The Vimeo livestream will be only available during the actual date of the inaugural lecture. The recording will be made available in a Vimeo collection afterwards. (Publication within three working days.)


If you do not want your inaugural lecture to be streamed or recorded, please contact the  Team Inaugural Lectures

What restrictions do I have to expect because of the pandemic?

UZH assumes that HS22 will take place in person. Accordingly, inaugual lectures are being planned as in person events as well. What other restrictions may apply cannot be said for sure, you can see what rules currently apply on the information page

What are podium debates?

Podium debates are being trialled as a new format for inaugural lectures in HS21. At these events, newly appointed professors and privatdozents discuss current issues. If and how this format will be continued will be decided after the evaluation of the trial period. Podium debates will happen again no earlier than HS22.